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Cameron Hightower, BA, LL.B


Cameron Hightower is a sixth generation lawyer in a family which has produced a large number of lawyers going back to the American Revolution, some of whom served in the Texas Legislature, the U.S. Congress, and in judicial positions at every level from the County Court to the Texas Supreme Court. Both his undergraduate and law school studies were at the University of Texas at Austin. A Bachelor of Arts Cum Laude graduate in the prestigious Plan II advanced liberal arts program, he was elected to six academic honorary societies, including Phi Beta Kappa. He also found time to be Student Body president, national debate champion, and to be awarded a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship. He was also elected to The Friar Society, which is UT’s equivalent to Yale University’s Skull & Bones Society. When Cameron was in law school, the degree for graduates was an Ll.B., although in later years it could be converted into a Juris. D. Perhaps for sentimental reasons Cameron never made the switch. In 1987, Cameron relocated from Texas to Seattle, where he became a college administrator at Shoreline Community College. Utilizing his development experience as the first president of Houston’s celebrated Theatre Under The Stars, he became the founding Executive Director of the College’s development office.

One of his major projects was to raise funds in the private sector to build and equip a facility for a new and specialized vocational training program. It required a decision by the Washington State Supreme Court before the project could be launched and later had to be approved by the Governor, Lt-Governor, State Treasurer and the Attorney-General of the State. It was the first and still is the only facility at any community college in Washington State that was not funded by the State. The American Association of Community Colleges lauded it as the “Most Outstanding Partnership with Business/Industry” at any community college in America. President Bill Clinton learned about Cameron’s project and came to the College to launch his re-election campaign. While in Seattle, he became associated with the President Eisenhower-founded “People To People” organization, which promotes citizen ambassador projects throughout the world and which took him all over Europe and Asia. During that period, he interacted with such foreign dignitaries as the Chinese Minister of Justice in Beijing, President Lech Walesa in Poland and Archbishop Desmond Tutu in South Africa.

Cameron retired from the College in 1997 to return to Texas, where he became the full-time caregiver for his Mother, who had suffered a stroke. He regards that period as the most enjoyable and fulfilling experience of his life. After she passed away, he returned to Seattle to become the Executive Director of a project funded by the US Department of Labor’s Employment Training Administration (DOL/ETA) with President George W. Bush’s “High Growth Job Training Initiative”” Many hundreds of projecs across the nation were funded by this ambitious national initiative. Cameron’s project was chosen by the DOL/ETA as one of the three most outstanding projects.